LUMI ELFI is a revolutionary new motorized selfie stick that is unlike any other regular selfie stick. It comes with innovative and exciting features like facial tracking, automatic capture, timed capture, facial tracking capture and more. The device is created by KINOFI,
LUMI ELFI comes with its simultaneous app which allows the users to access all the features of the device easily. The device can be used to click amazing pictures while traveling, hiking, as well as videos for YouTube or semi-production. It’s much more than just a selfie stick. It’s a pocket-sized videographer that the users can carry wherever they go.


Mark I : LUMI Mark I is an electronic rotational device that allows mobile phones or cameras to create motion time lapses, panoramas, and auto photo/video. Through our App, it has face tracking and object tracking plus live streaming capability. The best feature lies on panorama mode that delivers the best quality compare to other products in the market. This allows for person-free photo/video taking with tracking and live streaming. Our live streaming feature captures instinct stories onto You-tube and other channels for immediate viewing.